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Conveyorized Powder Coating

Conveyorized System

The Westside Finishing conveyorized powder coating line is designed to handle high volume runs quickly and efficiently. Color changes on this system can be done in as little as fifteen minutes, which minimizes down time and keeps the process flowing. The conveyor line work opening is three feet wide, five feet tall and can handle parts up to eight feet long while running at speeds of up to 9 feet per minute. This system is designed to keep our customers satisfied by getting the job done at a high quality standard and out the door quickly.

1st step:

The parts are loaded onto the conveyor.

2nd Step:

The parts travel through our three stage washing system, followed by our dry off oven.

3rd Step:

Conveyor Booth

The parts pass through the powder coating booth and the coating is dispensed by two trained Westside Finishing professionals. We use manual spray systems instead of automatic guns to allow for greater versatility. The manual system also provides a set of human eyes to inspect and check for problems before the coated parts exit the booth.

4th Step:

The parts pass through the cure oven. The speed of the conveyor and the temperature inside the oven are set for each specific part to ensure a proper bond between the part and the coating.

5th Step:

The last step in our conveyorized system occurs when the job exits the cure oven and is thoroughly inspected by our trained quality control personnel to ensure that the customer's specifications have been met. Finally the parts are packed to avoid any damage during shipment.