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Certified PCI 3000

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Our Holyoke, MA packaging department is the last stop after the powder coating and silk screening processes have been completed.

Packaging Batch Department

These trained and experienced individuals understand they are the last line of defense to insure the work others have done gets to you or your customer without damage.

Our packaging department also handles all of the final inspections. These inspections include a visual check, impact test, cure test, and coating thickness measurement. Some customers require further testing as detailed in their initial specifications. At Westside Finishing we will perform any additional test required by our customers.

After parts have passed inspection, they are packaged to avoid damage in shipping. We recognize that no two parts can be packaged exactly the same way, and utilize a wide variety of packaging materials to provide your parts with the unique protection they need.

We leave nothing to chance with each order we process: boxes are sealed; skids are stretch wrapped and banded. The goal of Westside Finishing is to make you feel comfortable sending your parts directly to your customer without your prior inspection of the coating because you know the finish is of the highest quality and it will arrive safely.

Packaging Conveyor Line Coating Thickness Measurement Unmasking