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Conveyorized Powder Coating

The Westside Finishing conveyorized powder coating line is designed to handle high volume runs quickly and efficiently. Color changes on this system can be done in as little as fifteen minutes, which minimizes downtime and keeps the process flowing. The conveyor line work opening is three feet wide, five feet tall and the line can handle parts up to twelve feet long while running at speeds of up to 12 feet per minute. This system is designed to complete high-quality jobs quickly and efficiently.


The conveyorized process includes several steps:

Automatic Power Coating Booth Conveyor

Automatic Power Coating Booth Conveyor

  1. The parts are loaded onto the conveyor system.
  2. The parts travel through our three stage washing system, followed by our dry off oven. Once the parts are clean and dry they are ready for coating.
  3. The first coating booth that the parts arrive at is our base coat booth. When applicable, an epoxy primer or any other required base coat can be applied in this booth by two highly trained applicators. If no base coat is required then the parts simply pass through this booth untouched.
  4. A gelling oven, heated by four gas-fired infrared catalytic burners, is used to partially cure any primer/basecoat material that is applied in the base coat booth. Again, if no base coat is required then the parts pass through the oven at ambient temperature.
  5. The next step in our process is where the excitement really happens. The parts are now approaching our state of the art Wagner Super Cube booth.
    1. As the parts enter this booth, their geometry is read by a light curtain that automatically detects their presence as well as their size. There is a highly trained applicator just after the light curtain who will begin the final coating process by targeting any hard to reach or difficult to cover areas.
    2. Once into the heart of the Super Cube, the parts pass by 6 computer controlled automatic guns. All six guns are on sliding tables and reciprocators that move the guns in, out, up, and down to evenly coat the part based upon the software program and information from the light curtain. A 7th automatic gun is positioned underneath the parts when required for additional powder coverage.
    3. Upon exiting the booth, the parts pass by a second highly trained applicator who inspects and completes any required touch ups.
  6. After coating, the parts pass through our gas fired infrared cure oven. The speed of the conveyor and the temperature inside the oven are set for each specific part to ensure the coating is cured properly.
  7. The last step in our conveyorized system occurs when the job exits the cure oven and is thoroughly inspected by our trained quality control personnel to ensure that the customer’s specifications have been met. Finally, the parts are packed to avoid any damage during shipment.